Falmouth Docks Teams 2011/2012


The new league season kicks off during week commencing 3 October 2011 and Falmouth Docks will be fielding eleven teams in the West Cornwall League and all matches will be played at Penwerris Church Hall commencing at 7.30 pm, with the exception of Falmouth Docks L who will be playing on Friday evenings out of Penryn College.

There are three players in each team but some teams have more than three members due to availability issues etc. Home match nights are shown in brackets.

Premier Division

Falmouth Docks A (Tuesday) 

Adrian Noott         Jeremy Williams         Martin Rule

Falmouth Docks B (Thursday)


Dave Plumb         Malcolm Peters           Steve Lobb          Chris Peters

Falmouth Docks C (Monday)


Will Elhana          Dominic Chatfield          Gareth Bufton



Division One

Falmouth Docks D (Tuesday)


Yaina Andrew           Jeremy Hartley           Alan Brandwood

Falmouth Docks E (Wednesday)


Dennis Williams          Nick Peters           Lochrane Vanderveld

Falmouth Docks F (Friday)


Charlie Johns            Charlie Scorse             Jack Cortis

Division Two


Falmouth Docks G (Thursday)


Mark Snowden          Howard Baker           Stuart Denslow           Treeve Rowe

Division Three

Falmouth Docks H (Monday)


Roger Scorse          Dave Haughton           Jess Owen          Ian Horton                  Oliver Palmer

Falmouth Docks J (Friday)


Max Luscombe            Marrick Palmer          Peter Cortis           Finley Thomson

Falmouth Docks K (Wednesday)


Richard Crilly           Dominique Williams         Chloe Parsons           Chloe Crilly

Lily Owen

Falmouth Docks L (Friday) (Penryn College)


John Tuffery         Freya Tuffery         Sam Thomas        Jacob Russell      Bryn Owen

Saracens TTC Teams 2011/2012

Our ‘Satellite Club’ Saracens who play out of Penryn College will be fielding two teams and these are as follows:

Division Two

Saracens A (Friday)

Callum Lewis         Bradley Hathaway          Alec Hunt

Division Three

Saracens B (Friday)

Kieran Jennings         Kieran Jack          Harry Chenoweth          Connor Williams