Falmouth Docks A Team of the mid 50s
Falmouth Docks A Team of the mid 50s

Our new club website reflects the rapidly expanding and developing Falmouth Docks Table Tennis Club which was born out of very humble beginnings way back in 1949.

All those years on we are now a professionally run table tennis club welcoming players of all ages and abilities, social players, competitive players or people just wanting to come along to get involved and meet new friends.

Falmouth Docks is very much a community club which has the English Table Tennis Association ‘PremierClub’ accreditation and has been recently awarded Development Centre status.

We are affiliated to the West Cornwall Table Tennis League, Cornwall County Table Tennis Association and the English Table Tennis Association.

The club has been administered by a Management Committee for some years. The committee is very stable with a regular band of volunteers that keep the club running, developing and continually progressing.

Current A Team
Current A Team

We provide:

  • Nine teams representing Falmouth Docks competing in all four divisions of the West Cornwall League.
  • A ‘satellite’ club in Saracens TTC that has an additional two teams competing in the West Cornwall League.
  • Thursday evening Club Nights in the main Saracen Hall at Penryn Sports College, commencing from 7.00 – 9.30.
  • One to one coaching.
  • Social events.
  • Links with most local schools, colleges and other organisations.
  • Progressive coaching linking to the Regional Coaching Centre at Okehampton
  • Administrative opportunities.
  • A welcoming environment for new players of all ages and abilities.

We promote:

  • A safe and comfortable environment in which to take part for players of all ages and standards with equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Good sportsmanship and behaviour.
  • Respect for fellow club colleagues and opponents.
  • Achievement through challenge.

If you are a potential new member looking to join our club then please make contact with us and see more details under the Contact Us and About Us sections of this website.  There is also a membership form on the About Us page for you to download and complete.

Falmouth Docks Teams 2011/2012


The new league season kicks off during week commencing 3 October 2011 and Falmouth Docks will be fielding eleven teams in the West Cornwall League and all matches will be played at Penwerris Church Hall commencing at 7.30 pm, with the exception of Falmouth Docks L who will be playing on Friday evenings out of Penryn College.

There are three players in each team but some teams have more than three members due to availability issues etc. Home match nights are shown in brackets.

Premier Division

Falmouth Docks A (Tuesday) 

Adrian Noott         Jeremy Williams         Martin Rule

Falmouth Docks B (Thursday)


Dave Plumb         Malcolm Peters           Steve Lobb          Chris Peters

Falmouth Docks C (Monday)


Will Elhana          Dominic Chatfield          Gareth Bufton



Division One

Falmouth Docks D (Tuesday)


Yaina Andrew           Jeremy Hartley           Alan Brandwood

Falmouth Docks E (Wednesday)


Dennis Williams          Nick Peters           Lochrane Vanderveld

Falmouth Docks F (Friday)


Charlie Johns            Charlie Scorse             Jack Cortis

Division Two


Falmouth Docks G (Thursday)


Mark Snowden          Howard Baker           Stuart Denslow           Treeve Rowe

Division Three

Falmouth Docks H (Monday)


Roger Scorse          Dave Haughton           Jess Owen          Ian Horton                  Oliver Palmer

Falmouth Docks J (Friday)


Max Luscombe            Marrick Palmer          Peter Cortis           Finley Thomson

Falmouth Docks K (Wednesday)


Richard Crilly           Dominique Williams         Chloe Parsons           Chloe Crilly

Lily Owen

Falmouth Docks L (Friday) (Penryn College)


John Tuffery         Freya Tuffery         Sam Thomas        Jacob Russell      Bryn Owen

Saracens TTC Teams 2011/2012

Our ‘Satellite Club’ Saracens who play out of Penryn College will be fielding two teams and these are as follows:

Division Two

Saracens A (Friday)

Callum Lewis         Bradley Hathaway          Alec Hunt

Division Three

Saracens B (Friday)

Kieran Jennings         Kieran Jack          Harry Chenoweth          Connor Williams

Falmouth Docks is one of the best known table tennis clubs in the south of England, famous for it’s name as much as the vast and talented playing squad and considerable historic achievements.

It’s the last surviving club to carry the name Falmouth Docks, formed at a time when our shipyard was overflowing with vessels and almost every sport in the town at the time was represented by a team from Falmouth Docks. The club is also one of the oldest sporting organisations in the town.

Today the 100 plus membership consists of table tennis players from all walks of life, all playing standards, ages and abilities – all happy to come along and play table tennis in whatever form they choose.

Membership Form to download Click Here

Our Committee

President: Treeve Rowe
Chairman: Dennis Williams
General Secretary: Jeremy Williams
Treasurer: Alan Brandwood
Welfare Officer: Adrian Noott
Press Secretary: Vacant
Competitions Secretary: Malcolm Peters
Fund Raising Officer: Treeve Rowe
Development Officer: Jeremy Williams
Webmaster: Dominic Chatfield
Reception Desk: Nicola Cortis and Leonard Lewis

Our Coaches and Umpires

South West Regional Coach: Paul Whiting
Qualified Coaches: Adrian Noott, Dennis Williams and Jeremy Williams
Assistant Coaches: Malcolm Peters and Howard Baker
Guest Coaches: Steve Hale, Fred Ingram and Dave Waddington
Qualified Umpires: Kevin Fudge (NU), Dennis Williams (CU)

We are affiliated to the West Cornwall Table Tennis League, Cornwall County Table Tennis Association and the English Table Tennis Association. We are also an ETTA accredited ‘PremierClub’ and a designated Development Centre.

The club meets for ‘Club Night’ every Thursday evening at Penryn Sports College in the main Saracen Hall from 7.00 – 9.30. The club welcomes all it’s members, visitors from other clubs and newcomers. All standards of table tennis players are welcome. Coaching is available and we normally have a table tennis robot set up for use on the evening as well as up to 15 table tennis tables.

Our nine teams play out of the Penwerris Hall in Penwerris Lane, Falmouth. We have four teams in the Premier Division, one team in Division 1, two teams in Division 2 and two teams in Division 3.

Our satellite club Saracens TTC play out of Penryn College and provide two teams with one in Divison 2 and a team in Division 3.

We have links locally with Penryn Sports College, The Dracaena Centre, Falmouth Community School, King Charles School, University College Falmouth and Mylor TTC. We also have links with the Bristol Academy TTC.

Our Playing Squad

Falmouth Docks: Saracens:
Adrian Noott
Jeremy Williams
Martin Rule
Will Abouelhana
Dave Plumb
Malcolm Peters
Steve Lobb
Dominic Chatfield
Gareth Bufton
Chris Peters
Jeremy Hartley
Yaina Andrew
Dennis Williams
Alan Brandwood
Simon Beally
Lochrane Vanderveld
Nick Peters
Katie Rule
Howard Baker
Mark Snowden
Stuart Denslow
Charlie Johns
Charlie Scorse
Jack Cortis
Gary Angove
Roger Scorse
Jess Owen
Ian Horton
Dave Haughton
James Mundell
Alfie Baker
Max Luscombe
Oliver Palmer
Dominique Williams
Marrick Palmer
Oliver Mundell
Callum Lewis
Alex Hunt
Bradley Hathaway
Kieran Jennings
Kieran Jack
Harry Chenoweth
Connor Williams
Ashleigh Lewis

Our Membership Fees

Basic Club Membership (Senior/Junior)
(Includes free club training shirt)
£ 7.50 per season
Senior Club Membership (Team Playing)
(Includes free club hoody and match shirt)
£ 80.00 per season
Junior Club Membership (Team Playing)
(Includes free club hoody and match shirt)
£ 40.00 per season
Club Night fees (levy payable by players) £ 2.50 per evening
Club Night fees (levy payable by visitors) £ 3.00 per evening

The league season generally runs from September to April inclusive.

Team membership fees can be paid in instalments on request.

Note: Hoodies and match shirts can be purchased separately at a cost of £ 20.00 for both items and training shirts can be purchased at a cost of just £5.00.

We are the largest table tennis club in Cornwall and the second largest in the South West. We are very much a club for the community and we welcome new players of all ages and standards. Our Clubmark ‘Premierclub’ accreditation, awarded by the English Table Tennis Association in 2004 provides testimony to this.

If you would like to attend our Club Nights held every Thursday evening at Penryn College, or would like to be considered for one of our teams, or feel you might be able to help out in any way, please make contact via the details below:


Jerry Williams

General Secretary

Falmouth Docks Table Tennis Club
20 Messack Close
TR11 4QG


Tel: 01326 212251
E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are also on ‘Facebook’.